A Solidarity Message from Epilepsy Citizens Sendai 2021



A Solidarity Message from Epilepsy Citizens Sendai 2021


 A Concerted Greeting Remark as a launching action of IED International Epilepsy Day-2021 to all of the people fighting against epilepsy problems and for a hopeful future shaped by the epilepsy citizens in the world anywhere, from Sendai, East-Northern Japan.


 TAKASHI SOGA, a clinical epileptologist of the Epilepsy Hospital BETHEL Japan in Sendai, Japan.


 Although we are now covered with thick and heavy snowfalls, we have just celebrated an annual carnival of Se-Tu-Bu-N event which means an earliest arrival of the new Spring season nearby on February 2nd 2021. The traditional way of throwing away of roasted beans against devils called ONI devils and swallowing the same number of beans into own stomach is a highlight to get her/his luck at the end of this closed winter. People wear colorful masks individually decorated and with more aggressive and vigorous outlooks than ONI’s. 

 Frightened and defeated with COVID-19 disaster(ONI) through 2020 all over the year, we Sendai Epilepsy Citizens send you, all of the citizens concerned with epilepsy over the world, a message that we will finally overcome the unsolvable epilepsy problems in future overcoming  COVID-19 worldwide invasion in 2021.

 Stay safe everyone all over the world to keep fighting endlessly  against epilepsy.